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Shop Painting

Make your business warm and inviting

Shop front painting is an effective and surprisingly affordable way to change the outward appearance of a shop. Making it more inviting for passer-bys and customers alike.

Any exterior elements can be painted (with the right prep work), with windows, doors, shutters and brickwork being obvious choices.

In addition to the visual appeal, a beautifully painted shop front can translate to tangible business benefits too.

It’s a well-known fact that the more inviting a store is on the outside, the more people will walk through the door.

Here at Bendigo Painters, we know that fresh paint can quickly change the public’s perception of a shop overnight enticing shoppers to come in for a sneaky beak.

If you have a Bendigo shop and you are interested in getting the exterior sprayed, here’s what you need to know about it:

Paintable materials

Aluminium shop fronts, masonry and timber shop fronts can all be painted, with glass being carefully masked off so that when they are painted, they appear as though they were originally installed in the new colour. (And no overspray is left over)

The process

Depending on the shop front type - Typically, the paint will be applied in three even coats using an electric spray-painting gun.

This technique creates an exceptional finish and provides excellent coverage.

The application process for metal shutters and masonry is the same, however it some cases we might advise a primer for full adhesion.

Shop front spraying painting around a day and a half, depending on the surface area that requires painting. (Call us for a free quote)

This can be performed during an off peak time so your business experiences minimal disruption.

If you are on a main street, we recommend choosing a day and a time with as little traffic as possible.

This is so the paint can be applied with as little contamination risk as possible and doesn’t disturb your other shop owners.

Paint Finish

We have access to a huge range of Haymes paints and we recommend either a gloss, matte or satin finish.

Gloss has a 100% shine, satin has a 30% shine, and matte has a 0% shine. We offer a free colour consult during our on site quote, and we’ll help you decide which finish is the right choice for your business.


Haymes paints has a huge selection of paints in their local Bendigo store. You can check their range here: Haymes Colour Range